Why Fury Leap feels so bad

Fury Leap has been considered as one of the worst movement skills in the game for a very long time. It has become better with the introduction of the Earthquake unique weapon.

However, the skill is still pretty damn bad. The reason is that unlike other skills of its kind(teleport, shift, surge, lunge) it has some serious movement insufficiencies.

All of the other skills listed either make you invulnerable while performing them by default, or have passive nodes doing that. Fury leap does not. Not only are you vulnerable while mid-flight, but you can also be hit by instant and temporary AoE effects.

To make it all worse, when you are mid-leap, enemies have the ability to target your future location(your destination). This means that if you begin a fury leap as an enemy begins a telegraphed attack, and you land within that enemy’s range, that attack will end up being redirected to your destination that you will have no way to avoid.

There is pretty much one solution, either make the character invulnerable while jumping or allow the allocation of a passive point to acquire that quality.


And the cooldown is too long.

I would disagree with that, its on a 6s cooldown(5 with cdr helm) and it has abilities within its tree to allow it to reset on kill.

I usually hate bringing class fantasy and flavor into a game balance issue, but I don’t feel like invulnerability is the solution. Will note here that I don’t play Primalist, so take this worth a grain of salt.

When I think Fury Leap, I think big hairy dude that’s frothing at the mouth jumping at something to beat the living shit out of it even though he’s got like 10 arrows sticking out of him because he was shot in the air.

Maybe something like temporary hit points (basically ward in LE terms), that when broken, gives them a damage boost based on amount lost? Or some kind of damage reduction combined with a damage boost based on health lost while leaping and briefly after landing?

Or some kind of second wind ability that triggers upon landing that gives lets the primalist either not die for X seconds, or act as res at low life ability with a cooldown with some perks associated like a damage boost or massive leech when it’s triggered.

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I can’t see a damage immunity while teleporting node, but Shield Rush, Smite/Descend and Transplant don’t have immunity either and they aren’t bad.

I’d argue that Fury Leap should have one since the Primalist is more likely to be using it to get into a fight/damage so it would help to allow the Primalist to not start a fight damaged.

I’d also add “slow as fuck” to that list.

How would instant teleports benefit from damage immunity in the first place? They pretty much just have the windup casting animation.

Also off-topic but Smite/Descend shouldn’t require a target, sentinel deserves at least 1 no-target movement skill (not counting Shield Rush since it’s very lacking in utility in terms of how you can use it).

Even those annoying leaping mobs are immune to damage during it.
I really don’t see how it would be a balance issues having him take no damage, especially considering that primalist feels like one of the least sturdy classes.

So much this. It could do with some serious speeding up and I don’t think it would change the “impact” of the skill.

Oh before I forget, that “cast lightning at nearby enemy” node is bullshit. It’s weak even on a lightning build and visually not satisfying at all.

I was expecting to call down a huge lightning bolt, not something looking like a tazer. Make it visually more impactful, keep it single target but have it deal damage in an AoE that dissipates in damage the further away from the target in a 75%/50%/25% manner.

Its the worst on a controller, you usually just leap onto the tile you are standing on, if you have clear LoS it works

It needs to scale off attack speed, theres no way a slow Shaman should leap fast without AS but I have a Beastmaster with 210% AS who should be leaping extremely fast in comparison

usually I rather just walk than use this skill

At least Fury Leap does not need a target, while Lunge does. That’s why I prefer Leap over Lunge.

It’s already been mentioned, but what makes fury leap the worst of all movement skills is its travel time, in my opinion. It’s horribly and embarrassingly SLOW. The animation time and travel time make you feel like a snail. For that reason, I don’t use it at all on my primalist. It’s not even worth it. That can be good in a way because it opens a skill slot for more damage.

I don’t think that Teleport/Transplant are instant, I think that if you Teleoported to the otherside of Lagon’s beam (or any other ground damage) you’d take damage.

I’m 90% sure that I’ve used the mage teleport to safely pass through his beam, might have done it with transplant too, not as sure. But if I’m right about teleport, transplant should work the same.

With the new Shade of Oro boots, Fury Leap’s new node, and CDR on your helm, you can now get Fury Leap to approx 3.9 sec cooldown.

With that much investment, it should be nearer to 2 seconds, imho.

Unlike most other skills (except Transplant), it also is its own attack and deals pretty good damage. I would love to see the lightning cr… stuff… removed and replaced with nodes which lower or even remove the damage, and replace it with more CDR, a speed node (make it animate/leap faster) and an invulnerability node.

You can’t directly compare Lunge and Fury leap because they are designed in 2 completely different ways, my comparison was in terms of the fact that you can make yourself invulnerable while lunging.

Fury leap is designed as an AoE ability whereas lunge is designed to be single target.

My gripe, as mentioned, is not even with the fact that fury leap is slower, my problem comes from the fact that you can be killed mid leap AND enemies can target your future location ahead of time. None of these are issues for other movement abilities.

Transplant and teleport have natural immunity by being a near instant cast. Sure, they are not literally instant but with just a little bit of cast speed they are extremely close.

When you use them you also avoid all dmg and attacks in between your starting point and your destination, whereas with fury leap you can get hit by both on ground AoE and enemy attacks between the said two points.

My entire post was just saying that Fury leap needs a little bit of help in its passive tree to make it feel much, much better without making it OP or anything like that.

24% on boots with 14% on helm and the lvl3 passive the CD went to 4.5/6 seconds.

This is honestly my biggest issue with the skill, it just feels awful to use for movement.

Yeah, I bought that up with Mike on one of his streams & his answer was in the vein of “the Primalist is a big beefy man, he’s not going to be particularly fast on his feet”.

This is how most of the movement skills not named “Shift” feel to me. Feels aweful.

I just tried it and… its not that the entire skill is slow.

Literally, there is a pause… a delay… up front, at the start. There’s a little “Imma gittin’ ready to jump, yessir I am!” animation which causes it. Just remove that animation EHG.

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Most movement skills have this delay. I don’t know why the devs think this is a good idea, but it is not! There’s a very strong reason most ARPGs don’t treat movement skills this way–a few reasons, in fact:

  • You want combat to feel responsive. This utterly handicaps that feeling.
  • Movement skills, even when nerfed to minimize use as “travel” skills, still need to be useful for reacting to things–like giant circles of doom with short cast times that appear under your character! Considering a bunch of skills have not just wind-up, but wind-down animations, this can get you killed on occasion.
  • Your action bar is incredibly limited in many of these games, so if a movement skill is going to justify a spot on that bar, it’s because it works. On some characters, I ditch the “movement” skill in favor for defensive ones because I know I’m likely to take that hit either way–may as well try to survive it.

I realize I may be a little harsh about this, but I just don’t feel like there’s really an excuse for this issue in particular considering most games in the genre manage to get it right if they choose to include them at all. The only blatantly bad example that immediately comes to mind is that random teleportation thing where you don’t get to choose your destination, which is highly disorienting and sometimes suicidal (Diablo 1 and 2 both feature this in some form). However, at least that teleport is snappy!

Just to contrast, Rebuke is probably one of the best designed skills in the game–provides strong counterplay, works when you press it, and makes the fights feel much more tactical. This is what movement skills in LE lack.