Why ever take two levels of dread horde?

The only reason I can see to take Dread horde at all is for the worms, the node seems a road block esp now that passive summons only triggers it 10%.

But assume you really want the worms, You can summon 5 zombies every 10 seconds, or 3 every 5. Seems you get more zombie per second with 3 per 5 and I can’t see even vomit zombies lasting 5 seconds never mind 10.

Imho you’re missing the point, it’s not about more zombies over time it’s about action efficiency. Let’s say you can do 1 cast per second. That’s not accurate but it doesn’t matter. You can summon zombie 10x in 10 seconds, doing nothing else. Or you can summon 6 zombies in 10 seconds and have 8 seconds free to do other things. Or you can summon 5 zombies in 10 seconds and have 9 seconds free.

I see it all The time in wraith lord builds where it’s just used for fodder. It’s also a lot more mana efficient. It’s not the kind of thing you take if your build is centered around summoning volatile zombies. It’s the kind of thing you take if you’re not centered around doing so and want to maximize the value of a single button press.

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