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Why does the Omen of Silence Boss spawns at 75% HP?

Is this a bug or lore related?
I been getting a few characters to lv 70 and making new builds, and something i noticed the last two times i fought the boss is that it starts at around that amount of hp.

Same here, dunno why.

Ha ha, I don’t know but I was going to ask. I also wonder. ^^

Is that the one you fight before getting into the council chambers?

The boss right before you go into End of Time

At the end of the temple of Eterra.

This has bugged me more than i’d like to admit

I also just saw that. This is my third char, but not seen this before. New for today?

There used to be a segment (time rift) furthur on in the campaign where you fight him to the 70% mark then he warps away, time travel timey wimy stuff.
he is supposed to start at 70% health because of your future encounter with him but the time rift got cut recently.
hope that answers your question.

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That’s what I was thinking!

I always thought it was so you can see how powerful culling is early game

If I remember right there used to be a time where you fought it earlier on and it disappeared and then later shows up again at that point. I don’t think it was time travel stuff with it appearing later, it was just earlier in the campaign. I think it might have been the first part of the Elder Pannion fight.