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Why do some classes give up weak blessings for their damage type shred, and other classes have to give up awesome blessings for their damage type shred?

As an example, lightning shred gives up tiny amounts of ward per second or mana… while necrotic shred has to give up 320 armor. How is that a comparable trade-off? Is this a way to nerf necrotic?

Aside from current balance, this makes long-term balance extra difficult to do for the devs between seasons etc. All shreds should be from same Mono.

I asked a similar question a while back about how people used the Blessing boosts and which ones they favoured over others…

Not quite the same as your question but similar…

There are definitely situations where certain blessings far outweigh other options and this is compounded by the needs of the build in question…

For example, hitting a grand blessing crit avoidance / all resistance can free up spare slot(s) on any build - such that it is almost foolish not to take it and rework your gear… Yet, chosing the mana boost might be useless for all but a very limited specific type of build…

How EHG has weighted these against each other is unknown but it may be very hard to do this with any kind of balance… How the blessings have been bundled together in certain monolith to prevent there being less chance of combining blessings to become too OP must have taken some serious calcs/math and I personally still dont think they are evenly distributed right now…

I expect that this issue is similar to a lot of the balancing issues in the game right now… difficulty scaling, XP scaling, corruption, Bosses … etc… and it may take a while (and more complete content) to balance things out…

In this kind of thread, we often come to the conclusion that “absolute balancing” just doesn’t work in such a complex game.
→ Most of the time you hear: “The main thing is to take the too extreme outliers (keywords: OP, IMBA, BAD ONES, CLUNKY, etc.) to the breast and take care of them”. :kissing_heart:

This is not an e-sports title.

Individual abilities already vary a lot (single damage <-> AOE etc.), entire ability complexes including differently weighted equipment, passive ability trees and Blessings are even more blatant.

In addition, there are still individual phenomena or certain views through a possible cognitive dissonance.
→ I recommend simply using other classes or builds here. For some combinations the Blessings are in quite good places. :slightly_smiling_face:

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It’s not about perfect balance, but this is literally actively anti-balance

What is “anti-balance”? What Neokortex said or the difference between where some shred blessings are located?

Anti balance is when trade offs between one class or build or damage type (etc) are needlessly imbalanced. For example if all increased Lightning damage affixes had a range that was 90% lower than all other damage type affixes. Another example would be if all fire damage related uniques had a 50% reduced chance to drop. Another example would be if only cold damage affixes were suffixes while all other damage type affixes were prefixes. Another example would be if one damage type affix were possible on all items slots while all other damage type affixes were limited to 80% of damage slots. Another example would be if some damage type shred blessings – a unique and maybe the most powerful stat for dps optimization in the game – were from different monos from type to type.

Do you think all those examples are just “excessive unreasonable focus on balance” or just the one that is being arbitrarily defended?

The thing with the blessings is that they’re, mostly, distributed based on lore/theme rather than balance, hence the void shred & resistance blessings are on Rahyeh. I don’t disagree that it’s annoying/whatever that they aren’t all on the same monolith but I don’t think they’re quite randomly disrtibuted.

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Unless there’s ‘absolute balance’, someone will complain. This be just one of them.

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Why don’t you use that rule for ALL feedback and suggestions? Nothing to say about the substance. Whenever someone has a legitimate point, some midwit will come along and say a deepity. This is one of those.

Yeah I can somewhat agree. I feel up to 320 armor is quite hard to pass on it, currently having both Crit Avoidance and All resistances in the same one is good as they both would be top options if you got those from different monos, so you have some decission to make there.
Also agree the blessings from Lagon mono are the least appealing for many classes.

You stated this as your solution to a problem you have. Your solution is absolute. How can I add substance if you’ve already made up your mind? Don’t try and disregard my meager post on the topic because you think you have a ‘legitimate point.’. I don’t feel you do. That’s MY absolute. No need to call names either. Good lord.

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The blessings from the monots (aside from drop rates) clearly increase in value as you go down the line. Maybe if you want a middle ground, at least keep the shreds outside of SPirits of Fire, Age of Winter, and Reign of Dragons. Or at least the first two.

Apologies for my initial post coming off as rude. I see that now and apologize.

If I may, if we we’re to group these blessings in one mono together, would other blessings of similar groupings need to be together in a singular mono also?

I don’t know if EHG has reasons for the blessings to be where they are, but as it stands, I agree with you, I think. But I’d like to hear from EHG concerning their thoughts.

I think the real question here is whether you are making interesting decisions. If most (or all) monos have only one choice which is obviously the most powerful for a given class, this is not interesting.

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I think the real question here is whether you are making interesting decisions. If most (or all) monos have only one choice which is obviously the most powerful for a given class, this is not interesting.

Well then this is another way to define my qualm

Resistance shred is approximately equal in “power” to all damage types
However there is a general trend of an increase in “power” in the blessing pool of higher tier monoliths
Thus the decision is

  1. trivial and uninteresting in the lower tier monoliths where almost any dps spec should obviously exchange whatever they are giving you for shred.
  2. The decision is perhaps interesting in the middle tier monoliths
  3. And is then then again uninteresting in the final two monoliths where even as a dps, the non-shred options are more powerful than the shred which doens’t scale with monlith.

Alternative suggestion: Shred from blessings in lower tier monoliths is nerfed, shred from blessings in higher tier monos is buffed signifigantly.

I hope it’s obvious that this is a less fun option.

Maybe devs want shred in different blessings for some builds that might want more than one shred. So fine but put them all in the middle tier monos.