Why do health potions drop as Beer?

Sometimes my game reads health pots as Beer??

Just for funzies.

There’s another one that’s even rarer :slight_smile:


Because the devs have this thing called a “sense of humour” & they can.

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Beer as health potions is just a fun joke by EHG. It’s a rare variance of a health potion. It heals the same amount and is functionally the same.

Just some light humor.

Liquid bread!

collect 7 and they transform into a schnitzel!

This game has some elements of everquest.

One of the great things in EQ was the alcohol would actually get you drunk. Your character would stumble a bit and wobble as he tried to walk, but your damage absorption went up, and accuracy down. you would have to wait about 15 minutes real time for your character to sober up. Just a thought would be cool.

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Really??? 2500 hours and I’ve never seen this?

Uhm what are healthpotions where you are from? Here in germany beer = healthpot :smiley: .

Yep. Perry has seen exactly one as far as I know.

I haven’t seen one yet myself

Oh. My. Gosh. Is it like another alcohol or something? No spoilers just maybe a hint so I don’t blink and miss it.

No alcohol, but another “drink” :smiley:


it only drops from a specific type of mob


It’s certainly a common beverage

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Yeah, but getting ti from the original packaging when ine isn’t expecting it is somewhat off-putting.