Why did you ruin this game with Online

Making this as simple as I can. I put 70 hours into offline mode a year ago and considered this one of the best games of it’s kind.

Revisiting the game for like another 100+ hour jont on a new character I find myself getting disconnected every 5-10 minutes from Online. It’s NOT my network. Your connectivity is SO FUCKING BAD, you should shut down Online permanently.

If I could change my opinion on Steam I would dislike this game 100% of the Online instability. This game is now a time-waster because you’ve chosen to implement something you have no business doing.

Please get away from Online before you doom this game prior to release

I had exactly the same issue up until today. Every time I tried to move from one area to another, I got disconnected. Now they “fixed it”.

Moving to a new area doesn’t work anymore. I now exist solely in the end of time, and can’t escape. Not getting disconnected though…

I have the same issue. I can play only when share my 4G internet from the phone. It’s the first game in my online ActionRPG practices that not working with home WiFi connection.
Try to share internet with phone’s wifi hotspot.
I doubt I’ll play it anymore.

Are developers alive ? No actions from their side. Online mode still throws Lost Connection

  1. Your offline character you played prior to the release of online mode should still be there, so long as you didn’t delete it from your own hard drive storage. Offline mode is always available, and doesn’t have the issues online does with connections and de-sync. The game is in pre-release, server issues are expected and demanding anything more is sort of disingenuous. Last Epoch was always marketed as an online and offline game, with both services existing to serve the playerbase.

  2. You claim online mode will kill Last Epoch, and yet I can say with certainty that there are a lot of players either playing now or waiting for 1.0 to release solely to play online.

  3. You can always change your Steam review, to my knowledge, but again to give it a negative review and call it a time-waster because a pre-released game has server issues when there is offline mode to suit your tastes is just silly.

You do you, but I don’t agree with your aggressive take.

There are certainly times where the server and syncing are crapped out, but again, try a different server on login or even try offline mode until these issues are hammered out?

What is your internet connection? Your ping/ms? Up and down speeds? I’m not saying it’s on your end, but there could be issues where your connection is adding onto things as a contributing factor.

Where in the world are you connecting from? If your wifi doesn’t work at all but your 4G does, it actually sounds like the issue stems from your own personal ms ping.

Like the previous quote, what’s your ms ping? Your up and down speeds? What general region are you in and which LE server are you trying to connect to on login?

This is a small team of developers who are currently doing everything they can to prepare for 1.0 releasing.

Until things get fixed for you, why not just play offline mode? I’ll assume you’re just a fan of aRPGs thus your name, and you’re here in good faith and not here to astroturf for another aRPG in the same genre.

I hope 1.0 can fix some of these issues for you. In the US the servers are mostly fine, but I do understand that some issues outside the US on their other servers could be having issues.

Super weird though that your home wifi doesn’t work at all but your phone’s 4G does. Again, maybe look into your own connection and see if you’re able to receive any upload/download from LE to begin with? If you’re not, maybe something in your ISP is blocking it?


Mind you, I’m not from EHG so take my words with a grain of salt and remember I only speak for myself lmao.

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My WiFi is OK, all ports are unblocked. I play D4, PoE, checked connection in Wolcen and WoW, my son play World of Tanks - no any problems even on a server with high ping.
I checked several servers but anyway get Lost Connection as soon as enter to location on the world map.
My server is EU WEST with green ping. 81-82 ms during gaming.I can see world chat but every time get Lost Connection.
Please find attached log…
I’ll probably return the game because it doesn’t work.
Player.log (314.4 KB)

My issue is a bug on the server side of the game. When changing from one zone to another, the server drops my connection. It seems to be related to the population of the zone being entered/exited.

It happens so often I can rarely make it out of the end time hub without disconnecting. All of the endgame content besides Monoliths are unplayable, so I was forced to stop playing the game and tell my friends to hold off until they get the game fixed.

If the game does not work with a fiber optic home Wi-Fi connection and works with others (wired ethernet or shared 4G phone hotspot), then this is a problem with the game and not a problem on the user’s side. All others, all any online games work perfect and without disconnections, except Last Epoch.
I bought the game and can’t play. Why they sell the game that throws Lost Connection in online mode ?

While that’s generally true, that’s also not considering the fact that thousands are playing at any given time without having connection issues like you’re describing, with you being the very mininum minority on this. To rule out that it’s an issue with your connection isn’t completely fair.

Sure, some people come here to post issues and reports for connection problems, but remember that you’re only seeing the small handful or people with issues and not the rest of the player-base without.

Have you attempted to reach out to EHG through your own personal bug report thread? Through their contact support page?

You need to be proactive and reach out to their support if you’re unable to play the game, not posting on someone elses bug report thread. Also your own bug report thread provides zero information and is just passive aggressive.

I’m sorry you’re having issues here, but passively waiting for EHG to read your mind isn’t going to help you here. They’re a small indie development team all working from home without a physical office space. They’re pushing for 1.0 to release on schedule.

If you need their help, you should use the correct channels and ask. That or wait for 1.0 and hope it’s fixed? And if not, try posting another passive aggressive thread? lmao Worked well for you so far, right?

Played 33.5 hours without any disconnect. Just fix your internet or don’t flood)

I play D4 and Poe without any problems. Only Last Epoch not working

I don’t like that you are trying to downplay this issue. There is a number of threads on this forum alone that shows there is a problem with connectivity. I also reported such few months back and similarly to OP I play online a bunch of games without ANY (I mean it 0) issues. Only game that keeps dcing me is last epoch. So there is clearly something wrong specifically about their servers/implementation.

Is it ok to be rude and offensive? Not really.
Would it be nice if devs at least publicly acnowledge that they will work on it? for sure.
At this point I (and I assume OP) feel ignored. I paid for a full game and want a full game. I belive that’s a fair expectation to have.

I’ve never played an online game where I did not have a disconnect every now and then. The cause was usually issues with the ISP, issues with Steam, a snowstorm or thunderstorm, and on rare occasions a game-related glitch with either the code or their servers. Since I live in a fairly remote area where power and ISP outages happen more often, I just roll with it these days rather than rage.

I do agree with the suggestions of others that your best bet is to contact customer support. They might be able to help you troubleshoot the problem you are experiencing. True, they are a small team going through crunch time right, but I’m certain they would be more than willing to help you figure this out.

One piece of advice if you do contact support. I understand that you are frustrated, but try to tone down your rage. Understand that they are human beings just like you and they are trying to do the best they can as a small team. They want a successful launch, and they want you to have a good experience playing their game. Keep that in mind when you speak to them.

I have the same problem, but cannot even successfully connect to the server. Can just create a character for it. Mobile hotspot works fine. I doubt all of these ISPs are blocking the game, but who knows, maybe they are using some shady or formerly shady ip addresses for the game. Quite likely it is some type of standard setup that they aren’t handling correctly for isp’s or routers. Shouldn’t have to do port forwarding if not hosting a direct connection, but we could at least use some information on what is required for a home network configuration since everyone who does have an issue seems to be fine if they use mobile. It would save a lot of bug tickets and individual replies. How many are just assuming the servers aren’t up because they’ve been having issues since launch. Highly unusual that this is the only game so many are having issues with.