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Why are you asking for my billing details?

Paypal already has it, why are you needing it? I’m ready to buy a pack, but don’t feel confident in giving you those details.

Hey there,

As you may be aware, Last Epoch is our first game and is currently in the alpha stage of development. We’re continually improving both the game and the website as time and other resources allow. The checkout page is currently mostly static in that it doesn’t change much in response to the options selected - and as some packs do include physical items, the checkout page requests the information necessary for those items to be delivered.

While we would like to display the fields used for shipping physical items only in cases where that information is needed, this is complicated by several factors - most notably that we allow people to perform what is known as an ‘upgrade’. This is where someone pays the difference to acquire a different supporter pack, e.g. they might buy the $50 Ancient Champion pack today, and next month pay another $50 to upgrade to the $100 Ancient Centurion pack. The latter includes physical items, however the website would only see two different $50 transactions and not understand that they are related (upgrades are currently a manual process).

I’ve been looking at a few ways of implementing this, and there is a simplified option I’m currently thinking about. I’d need our web developer to do something for me before I can adequately test it, and unfortunately he’s currently working on another project. While I can’t offer an ETA, please rest assured that we hear your concern and we’ll see what we can do.

Going to tentatively mark this one as solved (person asked a question, received an answer).

Feel free to post any feedback or concerns you have! It’s not my intention to stifle discussion on the topic; but if the discussion has ended, we may as well let the forum lock the thread.

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