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Why are all hack and slash multiplayer ARPGs medieval?

Don’t get me wrong I love the design of your game, but it seems no game designers are trying anything different. Different settings, different themes.

Everything is dungeons and dragons / goblins / medieval european castle architecture and sorcery /magic. Literally every game like this is the same setting.

Just a rant but wow it would be cool if someone made a game that was futuristic, or cyberpunk, or whatever, just something different than the same old diablo art.

This got me thinking about your time travel theme which is cool and a interesting idea, the settings dont seem that radically different apart from slightly more/less aged.

I think i just need someone to make a shadowrun hack and slash, that would be the sickest thing ever.

Sorry /rant

yeah it could be a good idea

There has been the odd Sci-fi ARPG (there are 2 in my Steam library right now), including Warhammer Inquisitor and a really bad indie release. Historically the Sci-fi ones have been terrible. I had high hopes for Inquisitor, and to date it is definitely sub-par.

At any rate, it is far easier to “hack” and “slash” with swords and polearms than futuristic weapons. The overall gear set is more familiar and based in historical reality.

Plus you would have to struggle with a Sci-fi ARPG to not make it just a re-skinned fantasy one - sword = light saber, blaster = bow, etc etc.

Shadowrun would be intriguing; they have definitely made their bank in turn-based RPGs to date.

Grim Dawn is more of a Victorian age.

Borderlands, which has heavy influence from traditional arpg’s, isn’t medieval. Yes, I know, a little bit apple vs. orange. Just saying, it isn’t like nobody is trying to shake up the mold.

There was a rather lackluster game called something like… Dark Spore which was kind of this sci-fi type of arpg. It was kind of fun for what it was, but yeah, there is a reason why nobody remembers it. Kind of forgettable game.

Also ARPG’s spawned from Dungeon and Dragon’s in the day :slight_smile: Great days!


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