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Why am I stuck at half life? A Lich quandry

I have rolled several Liches and played them into the 70s and 80s. A couple Necromancers too.

Never encountered this issue before:

As soon as I log in, just sitting around in town, my life drains to 50%. Almost exactly: 320/642 HP. I’ve taken off all my gear. I’ve unsummoned my golem. I have looked through all my nodes. Doesn’t make sense.

My skills: Transplant, Bone Curse, Blood Rip, Bone Golem.

I’ve taken 6/8 points in the Unclosing Wounds node, so current health drained per second is 6%. But with past Liches, that didn’t kick in while I was just sitting around in town. Assuming this node is the issue, I’ve added 7/8 Bed of Souls (Vitality and Regen), and 1/10 Volatile Blood (reduce health drain). These nodes haven’t made a difference.

Am I bugged? Or what am I missing?

Okay, it was definitely Unclosing Wounds. I just removed the points and I’m back to full health. Has the way that node works changed recently?

Nope, it’s always been a constant drain of your current hp. The value your hp settles down to is dependent on how much hp regen or leech you have running. If you want to get your current hp as low as possible (for Exsanguinous/Last Steps of the Living missing hp → ward) then you need to remove as much hp regen/leech as possible.

Weird! I guess I always skipped that node. Thanks :slight_smile: