Why a "travel" button?

I would assume the travel button was added because people were accidentally traveling to a location without intending to ? I say “assume” because i didn’t have any problems, but the patch showed up with a separate travel button. Now i’m constantly clicking on the map point waiting for something to happen…and then remembering there’s now a travel button.

someone in chat suggested maybe just double-clicking, which seems like a good idea. Generally any idea that does NOT require moving the mouse cursor down to the bottom of the map and pressing a separate button seems like a better approach.

p.s. oops forgot to mention that i love the new look of the map! however initial zoom is still in need of improvement. separate topic…

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I don’t know, it used to double click for travel, that was nice.

Thank you for the feedback and ideas! UI will always be improving and this is helpful content.


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