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Whole Game Godmode with Neg Spell %'s

Player.log (613.0 KB)

Happened twice today. Never before with over 1100 hours logged.

Welcome to the forum.

That seems suspiciously like the sigils / holy aura combination where everything becomes invulnerable. The only difference is that there is usually a big black circle around the player character - which is obviously not visible in your instance.

Unfortunately its been very hard to replicate - as you say, never happened before in 1100h of play for you and I have never been able to "make " it happen in my 2k hours either.

Devs have confirmed it tho but they havent provided an update to let us know if its been resolved or not yet. I would guess that because of the MP priorities, its probably still something to be dealt with.

Ah, ok. So there is a huge black circle, but only when I went into town.

Ah ha… Then thats definitely the same bug then.

Stat changes

Strange that my resistances changed during the event. As well as Health Regeneration taking on the same value as all the Damage values…

Hope they work it out.

Yeah. I trust that they will get to it. As with all bugs tho, its the ones that cannot be replicated on demand that are the hardest to debug because the devs have to scratch around in however many lines of code without knowing what could have caused it or were to start.