Which Weapon Should I Be Using?

Sinathia’s Set or Dragonflame Edict?

My set-up is:
1 Abomination (Permanent)
2 Flame Wraiths (Permanent)
3 Flame Golems
5 Pyromancers
Spamming Volatile Corpses

I’m not interested in changing my build, I’m just having trouble deciding which weapon(s) to use.

Try both and see which is better. I assume Volatile Zombies isn’t converted from fire to poison(/necrotic?)?

That’s the thing, I’ve tried both and I can’t determine which is better. I think it might be a wash.

And no, no conversion away from fire on the zombies.

You aren’t using curses or skeletons. It’s hard to imagine that you are getting enough benefit out of Sinathia’s (its effectively +2 all skills with bad stats on the most important item slot - weapon(s)).

As such, I’d say Dragonflame Edict. It’s likely a much larger damage boost for your build. It can also be easily farmed/made into a legendary for pushing your build even further.

You don’t think the +2 levels to all my spells is worth using the set? I dropped the Abomination to try out 9 flame archers and will probably stick with that. Would a curse do more than the zombies? That culling strike at 16% is nice on bosses.

Well you said you weren’t interested in changing your build :). I usually think running Bone Curse and/or Dread Shade are very hard to pass up on most minion necro builds. The sheer amount of hits that all your minions do, make Bone Curse really good. And Dread Shade is often just too good for most minion builds to give up.

The thing about the weapon set is you get a ton of damage from the scaling (200% increased for dragonflame, so it depends on your other gear). Plus there is a ton of ignites that will get triggered (and you’re scaling fire dmg). Unfortunately the +1 ele skills on dragonflame doesn’t work. And if your spamming zombies then the dragonfame edict trigger is constantly going off.

Sorry it’s been so long since I’ve replied, I got distracted by other classes and builds…

I switched to Pyro Archers, Pyro Mages, Pyro Wraiths, Pyro Golems, and Bone Curse, while using the set items. When I was spamming Volatile Zombies I was never close enough for the explosion from the staff to hit anything.

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