Which way to go with Healing Hands

So I definitely want to go with a Healing Hands build, but I am very torn with which of the 3 I want to go.

No matter what, I am going to make HH do damage. I don’t know what the base damage will be (is it some percentage of how much it heals?)

From there the choices are;

  1. Proc HH from attack.
  2. Proc HH from Smite. Go straight caster Paladin.
  3. Cast HH directly and have it spam Holy Bolt.

If I go with option 1, I will probably go with Fire spec Warpath for this, as well as Seraph Blade to make HH scale from attack damage.

Option 3 will greatly depend on the type of damage scaling on Holy Bolt as well as how the Holy Bolt will work. If I spec HB to cast several, can they all hit the same enemy?

What is everyone’s opinion on this? How would you build it?

The HH tree is available on Last Epoch Build Planner now.

I think Rahyeh’s Light looks pretty good for the caster versions, but I don’t know what kind of weapon to use. I had considered Firestarter’s Torch but there is no flat spell damage affix, making it not very good.

For the attack version, I’d probably want some crazy Radiant Axe with a big flat fire damage roll. Probably go crit. It’s too bad Rive or Vengeance don’t have a fire conversion.

Cinder Song maybe?
As for divine bolts scaling
Base Damage:
25 Fire
Critical Chance: 5%
Critical Multiplier: 200%
Added Damage Effectiveness: 100%
Is a Hit

Per point of Attunement:

  • 4% increased Damage
  • 4% increased Increased Healing Effectiveness

Scaling Tags:
Fire Spell Attunement

Hard to say as we domt know the extent of all rhe new items etc. To early to make build ideas

For #1, it’s on use so Warpath will only proc it once when you start channelling. If you want it frequently proccing you’ll want to use a non-channelled skill, possibly one that generates mana.