Which unreleased Mastery are you most looking forward too

For me, it’s the Falconeer, Rogue is my favorite class rn, and it’d be nice to have a more variety of builds for her. The blurb says that the mastery has ties to traps and maybe with the release, decoy and ballistae would get some love.


The three of them, really. One day I’d answer one, next day I’d say another. So the three of them. I’m really curious to discover what EHG is preparing.



I really hope, that Warlock will get enough Hit/Crit support and that there will be at least 2 more interesting curses.
I am especially looking forward to utility curses and not so much damage one’s.

I hope that Warlock will have no or minimal minion stuff and not too much damage over time.
I am also curious, what the main damage types of Warlock will be? Necrotic and Fire maybe?


Also Falconer. Trap playstyle could be powerful in most situations. And wielding a bow with another mastery sounds always fun :slight_smile:

Naturally Runist. At the moment, as for me, the most incomprehensible thing is exactly how the runes will be implemented.

With Falconer, everything is clear, there will be pets and traps, the Warlock will hardly get new mechanics.

Falconer. I want to make a proper “turret” build with ballistas and I’m hoping for support for that from that mastery.

Falconer for sure.

Second up would be I think its runemaster? The third mage branch. I just feel like bound elemental minions and glyphs are so “Mage” that it feels weird they are not yet in a game that has as good of archtype flavor as last epoch.

Runemaster for me… CoC and perhaps a summon Golem?

Warlock, for sure.

I have always been interested in a debuff/curse support archetype, with low damage output but ways to hinder the enemies for teammates. Depending on how Warlock looks, I may give it a try.

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Falconer for me. I will probably be disappointed, but I can’t help but hope it’s similar to Ragnarok Online Hunter with Falcon.

Second would be Warlock just for more curse support for the other 2 acolyte classes. Or maybe it will be the best spec for a harvest build.

Golems are boring… and we already have something like that.

How about a color-coordinated elemental troop that matches the respective (skill) composition while using my spells?

I also like to adopt one (or more) little baby fire dragon, which then spits around with my fireball spell. Gladly also as a baby ice dragon with my Snapfreeze or a baby lightning dragon with my Static.
→ If all 3 hit an opponent it develops with a chance my Elemental Nova spell! [or something like that :grinning:]

You can tell:
→ I wait most for the Runemaster.

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The one new Skill to summon the baby dragons is then called:
Rune of the Dragon’s Essence.

As long as one of the skills is called “dance off” and you could either choose 1 of a number of different musical eras (complete with music) for different effects or they would be chosen randomly.

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Its from the summary of the Runemaster description on the main website:

A savant who tamed the power of raw arcane, weaving its chaos with the art of runes. The Runemaster infuses magic into offensive and protective wards that devastate those who trespass them, ensnaring his foes, raising walls and golems at his whim.

I’ll just put a wheelbarrow full of baby dragon essence in the golem, then it’ll be a metal baby fire dragon (golem) for sure, right? hopeful chuckle :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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100% Warlock, a caster based Acolyte that doesn’t rely on minions or Reaper form would be really cool.

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Totally behind that,
but Lich does not really need to use Reaper Form.

I know a lot of people, that are kinda turned of by the Reaper Form decaying health mechanic, but you are really not forced to use that.

And btw, welcome to the Forums!


I want to play a female genderlocked Warlock.

I’m hopping they bring in more gender confused classes, like the Male gender locked succubus. Or perhaps the female gender locked incubus.

The Male gender locked Valkyrie would be an interesting addition.

Maybe a Male gender locked Amazon too.

Genders are so 90s. Why can’t you be a female born acolyte who identifies as a warlock.

Edit: Jokes aside there is a big thread about genderlock. Due to the limited resources EHG will not address gender lock before release 1.0.

I’m hoping RuneMaster has some really cool interactions. Every other archetype has a character that controls minions, except for Mage and Rogue. I’m hoping falconer adds flying minions and that RuneMaster gets some type of minion, I’m hoping its more like a familiar that gives bonuses when its alive.

Rogue already has minions: ballistae.