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Which single summon would be best

Between these three options which would you rather go for abomination, bone golem, or archmage deathknight? This will be my only minion skill and I plan on this build being melee fighter. Its only around for the dread shade buff to me. I’m going a pure necrotic damage build. Death knight sounds fun to me and its the only one that does necrotic damage but the threat from the other two might be nice to have. Just want to hear some thoughts.

Are you trying to be a melee fighter who has a minion friend?

or are you trying to build a really big melee minion.

for really big melee minions abomination is the best in terms of it just being a big meaty beater.

And if you wanna be a melee fighter with a minion who just carries shade, then id bring bone golem, its requires less setup/focus then abomination and still has more then enough armor/health to be extremely tanky.

I’ve heard that the Archmage is a straight DPS loss, so I’d go for either Abomination or Golem (probably Fire Golem for damage, Blood Golem for sustain)

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Mathematically the Archmage is a DPS loss, that’s correct. You lose additional mages and the more projectiles he shoots doesn’t make up for it.

There once was a time where the frostmage was able to shotgun enemies (hit a single enemy with multiple projectiles), but it got repaired.

@Bankaikiller has shown footage of his single minion builds. I think he had an Archmage Death Knight build shown also. Maybe it’s not exactly on the same level as other single minions, but the numbers on the dummy were nice.