Where My Necro's At?

In the title, where we at? We ready? Blastem, bagem n tagem? Straight outta 6ft under? Whos excited?

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I’ll probably end up maining necro because I enjoy the minion army archetype too much, but I have no idea which one I’ll start with. I already have 3 builds with other masteries I really enjoy, and I haven’t really done anything with primalist or rogue yet.


The changes the Mage’s sacrifice (Oblation) into necrotic was very nice since my build was stacking necrotic damage. This is on legacy however but I don’t see any reason not to play this and another character on cycle.

I’m eyeing a squirrel army for the cycle :smiling_imp:

I am loving my Necro here! After such heart break Diablo IV that refuses to let the summoner necro build work…

Currently going for a Warlock build first, but already have a few hybrid builds planned…

1 is a Chtonic Fissure + Zombie idea, going either Poison or a Fire build.

2 is a Chaos Bolts Skellie build, going into the Bleed Overload, stacking the buff from Chaos Bolt on top the Rip Blood (Splatter) buff. Could be either Necro or Warlock depending on how I want to build it up.

3 would be Wraith / Ghostflame build, as a non-Overload Damned/Ignite build, but not sure yet how I’ld go for it.

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Yeah I enjoy the zookeeper, running it with hungering souls and Frost golem this go round

Best Necro class… someone finally took it from D2, heh

I’m messing with a Necrotic-focused build that has my Mages treating Skeleton Warriors as walking bombs. We’ll see how it goes, heh. My plan is to try and figure it out while playing in HC (until I die and go SC). There is enough synergy between “on death” procs and Wraths raw damage to think it can do well for quite awhile.

Started this cycle with a necro cause I want to use that new helm that summons a wraith lord. Super cool helm.

Minions in this game is like the most awesome i’ve ever played in any arpg, they actually seem to do something which is weird as hell :smiley: I decided on the warlock instead tho, but definitely gonna make a necro also.

What level are you guys? Keep it going! Show those Necro Love

I’m doing great, about to hit 50 - gear doesn’t seem to matter a ton, and my build is working for me.

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Necro is the best class in arpgs for me lol, i went for a cold skeleton bow/spell with exploding zombies giving me ward :slight_smile: kinda took a build i found on here and went for it

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