Where is the tooltip dps?

None of the skills tooltips have relevant information on damage, minion dmg etc. Is this just coz its in beta or what? Pressing alt tells us virtually nothing useful. Very annoying to not be able to tell quickly whether gear is actually better or not damagewise without going to smash the training dummy. Example would be a sword that adds flat dmg and bleed dmg vs a sword with inc phys% and bleed dmg. Its not entirely clear which will end up stronger without banging away on a calculator after going thru google to find skills base damage etc first.

advanced tooltips are planned, but no clear date for when we’ll get them.

i believe we’ll also see some sort of path of building style application in the future, but if it’s in-game i wouldn’t expect it before 1.0. no idea if anyone’s currently working on a third-party one.

Phase 4.

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