Where is the Third Subclass?

Was just curious if anyone is aware as to when we will finally be able to experience the third mastery class for each character. It’s been there in our faces for a long time now. I don’t want to rush the devs or anything. Definitely hold off until you guys feel confident in the new classes. I’m only wondering if there is any estimate about a patch release date or something. Also, when are wegoing to get to see what the appearance tab is all about?

The remaining classes are meant to come with 1.0, which is planned for this year.

If by appearance tab you mean the cosmetics. The shop is out currently, in beta.

Planned and announced for 1.0 since a while.

So sometimes later this year if plans don’t change

And Mike just mentioned in the last stream he was working intensely on skills. He specifically name-dropped Runemaster. :smiley:

wait where is the shop?

scratch that i found it on steam. Holy crap why are their cosmetics so damn expensive??

No different than any other game sadly, D4 has ugly ass mtx sets that cost about half the price of the game. I will stick with my default female Druid who looks like 90s Roseanne.

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Which one? She was all over the fat map* back then.

*(As someone who has enveloped that map his entire life, I am allowed to say this).

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92-93 Id say, literally lol’d at that.

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