Where is the gore?

Hello, i’m fairly new to the game, i’m playing with a void knight and i’m currently in the imperial era and i have a really big problem with the game… Where the hell is the gore??? When the game started in the divine era for most of the enemies there was blood under them when attacked, it was really cheap gore but at least there was something, but when i reached the ruined era it was a complete downfall, the only enemy i thought would have some gore on their death was the human cultists but they didn’t spill a single drop of blood, they just ragdoll and 80% of the enemies doesn’t even have a ragdoll animation and this really throws me off it just wasn’t fun or satisfying and i felt really disappointed. Then i reached the imperial era and well… all enemies were skeletons so i wasn’t expecting any gore from them, until i met zombies and probably they were the reasons i’m writing this post. They just drop like sacks of potatoes, i felt deeply disappointed and unsatisfied, if you think of zombies in a fighting context you would see blood, limbs and heads flying everywhere, so that “triggered” me… I’m sorry i really enjoy the game so far don’t get me wrong and i’m 100% sure that i will see many new things because i’m just starting the game, but this is a big deal for me and i’m sure that it is for many people too, also i know the game is still in beta but this feels like a really basic thing to have in an ARPG, even a cartoonish game like torchlight have a better gore, damn that garbage game called lost ark have better gore. Sorry i just really needed to vent, i was looking for a game like this for a while after i got burned by some games that made questionable choices.


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Devs are improving Combat feel in general like death animations, death effects, sounds (many skills sound bit bland and missing some “punch”) and ragdolls. I agree that right now combat feeling is not that level what it should be.

If you interested to see some “leaks” here is a link to forum pages about these improvements.

Search for combat feel section for examples.

Thanks for the feedback.


Thanks man, the leaks about combat feel are exactly what i was looking for! Can’t wait to see the changes implemented and expanded!

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