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Where is my Warlock?

It is my fav class in every game.
Come on I just can’t wait.

I think he is it the same place where my Blademaster is :smiley:

I suffer with you. But to be fair, we don’t know anything about it, except it will probably will have more curses(according to the class describtion). So we don’t know yet, how awesome it will be or who will like it^^

Well not quiet, i would say. Warlock is planned for P4, and Bladedancer (i suppose you meant that by saying blademaster) is P3. EHG does not go strictly after that rough roadmap(sicne we already have things from P4), but still i think Runemaster, Falconer and Warlock will probably still take a while. While rogue with it’s other 2 masteries potentially comes sooner.

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Yes of course i mean ‘bladedancer’ . thanks for the correction.Nice to hear it’s possible the devs add a dual-wielding mastery soon ( I hope in December).

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Warlock is a lie!

Warlock and runemaster got drunk while practicing some teleportation skills they saw the sorcerer performing earlier that day.

Wanting a couple of decoys of their own they tried to master the skill but to no avail. More shots were poured and slowly their interest in it turned to frustration and anger. How could such a simple movement skill be so hard to master?!

They began to argue with each other which lead to a few curses being used. This didn’t mix well with the alcohol and something happened that was neither hex nor curse.

They found themselves suddenly portal to an unknown place. A parallel universe they had never been. Time frozen and unable to pass, there drunk never able to clear. Unable to think straight they havent found there way back to eterra, but they will soon we hope


Yeah baby. Warlock making live to cute Bladedancer Babe? :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::kissing_heart:

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