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Where can I find info on what stats I should use for classes?

Hello … im new to last epoch an Ive been looking around the forums to see if there was a breakdown of attributes like if im playing acolyte what stats do i go for ? like int ? or do i need to go stam an will that help my minions ? i just keep finding build guides … I would appreciate any feedback … thanks all

Generally the attributes you want to go are skill specific as opposed to class specific, with the exception of mayble vitality as it increases your base health. The information for what the attributes themselves do can be viewed on your character sheet. And if you hover over one of your skills when its on your hotbar or through the skill window you can see the skill tooltip. I believe the key to expand the tooltip is “Alt” and that will tell you what attributes the skill scales with, generally its about 4% increased damage per point of whatever attribute the skill requires. Good luck!

Sethery gave a great answer. All I’ll add is that acolyte uses int for almost all their abilities and it also helps with ward which is a good defensive layer for you.

Most of the time, the attribute you want is pretty thematic. Mages was int, rogues want dex, Primalist and Sentinel both like both strength and attunement depending on the skill.

Lots have others but those are the main stats.

What I’ve noticed is that LE is less focused on primary attributes than most ARPGs. Like you can easily just get +damage gear as opposed to the primary attribute tied to the skill (and most skills will list a primary attribute is scales with in the tooltip). You can easily just go with +health over vitality.

it only helps with ward with specific acolyte builds though, as Acolyte lacks non-minion ward generation.

And relying on something like exanguinous means relying on something that will not drop for every build(especially when the game starts having leagues and the unique pool gets larger, thus lowering chance of getting specific uniques.) I find it annoying the Primalist gets better passive ward generation than the acolyte AND the mage.

Acolyte has tons of opportunities for massive ward regeneration outside of minion builds or using uniques.

I would agree however, that Int can feel very bad, if you are not playing a ward build, since the 4% increased damage, that most skills get from it is not worth building on it’s own.

like what? I literally cannot find anything outside of rip blood which is too weak to be used for ward gen

Most prominent ones, that are viable as main source are: Rip Blood, Soul Feast, Harvest, Spirit Plague

You can also use Reaper Form and Wandering Spirits as secondary support ward generation.

Also Rip Blood is not too weak for ward generation, not at all.

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Agreed. Last time I used Rip Blood for ward generation, I was around 1500-2000 ward for around 1000 HP. It’s not huge, but it’s significant and good enough.

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