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Where are the shadows?

I’ve been playing for few hours now and i love the game so far. One thing that kept me away from this game despite the fact that i have it for several months now, is the lack of shadows.
It just makes the game look cheap. I found some older posts refering to FPS probs and i understand the possible complications but, shadows are very much needed.

Like these shadows?

There most definitely are shadows & they change as you move around, so if I move my character in the above screenshot to the left the shadow from the big rock gets fainter. Even putting the shadows option on very low they’re still there.

My fault, sorry for the misunderstanding. I know there are shadows, in some areas though they are way too weak, so weak that you don’t even see them.

Yes, that is a fair point.

Take temple of ettera as an example and you will see my point clearly. Just focus on the charactes and the mobs’ shadows. Sorry for being so vague i’ve been playing 10+ hours straight.


Thanks for posting. We’ve multiple members of the team actively working on both shadows & lighting. In addition to better optimization for both, there should be some pretty noticable visual improvements. This project will stretch across multiple patch cycles, and it’s too early to say how much (if any) of this work will be included in Patch 0.8. I hope we can count on your feedback when we start releasing pretty large changes to these next year. :+1:


Hey Sarno,
Can you tell if these improvements also include adding light sources to skill effects?

Especially in dark levels it is very noticable that for example a fireball doesn’t produce any light. Imho this could be a massive visual quality improvement.

I know that performance is an issue, especially with mp and a lot of skills n screen simultaneously. But I hope it’s doable.


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