When you lose +skill

If you’re that desperate for the BiS chase items you could just edit them.

Well, I guess I’ll stoop to your level and answer in the same tone.
QoL improvements are needed for the people that play the game, i.e., online players, not for the hackers/cheaters that just want to edit their character to get stuff.

Annyoing, isn’t it?

It’s still really weird to me that these systems were even put into place. Want to stop players from gaming a boss? Simply make skill points have a cool down from the perspective of the experience you don’t want players gaming (boss fights, arena, whatever). I.e. you just changed these points and they work in mono and world, but aren’t available for a boss fight or arena for a half an hour (or some amount of experience).

I find the existing system just as non-immersive as what I suggested, and far more annoying and (initially) confusing.

The system was put into place to prevent free respecs. The point that gets taken is always the same, so if you’re switching +skills for +skills you already know which one it is after a while. And you don’t switch +skills that often, so it’s not that big an issue for 99% of the time.
The node that gets taken is supposed to flash red when you check the skill tree, it’s just not working properly. But that’s a bug which will be eventually fixed. Other than that, there really is no issue with this. At most, it’s slightly annoying.

Why would you think I didn’t know why it was put in place?

I mean, I’m almost positive that we’ve had this conversation before. I still have the same opinion, and occasionally I’ll read a thread that makes me care enough to state that opinion.

Because you seem to think that “It’s still really weird to me that these systems were even put into place.”. Unless I’m misunderstanding which systems you’re referring to.

My post is literally, “it’s weird these systems” and “here’s how I would have done it”. I’m confused that you are confused.