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When you close the forge, it needs to give you back your stuff

This is probably more Quality of Life, but when I load up the forge with an item and a glyph and a shard, study it for a bit then decide, nope, don’t want to do that right now, and I close that screen, everything in the forge should go back to where it came from. I shouldn’t have to empty each individual spot.

I was looking at upgrading my armor, so I put it in there and then spend some time studying my shards and glyphs and reading the Game Guide, and then decided I’d wait for a different shard, and I walked away and out into danger… not realizing I was now standing there NAKED because my clothes were still in the forge.

The other annoying thing is when I shift-click and put an item I’m wearing into the forge, if I shift-click it again it doesn’t go back where it came from. Why can’t those boots remember whether they were on my feet or in my inventory? If I put my equipped weapon in the forge, upgrade it, then leave, I don’t have my weapon unless I manually equip it again.

(I hate to D3 you, but when I give the helm I’m wearing to the jeweler to remove the gem, after it’s removed the helm is put back on my head, it’s not thrown in my stash so I have to find it and put it back on again. If I put an item plus materials in the cube to augment but walk away, my stuff doesn’t stay in the cube. And after augmenting a weapon, if I walk off I’m not weaponless - my now augmented weapon went back to where it came from, my hands. This is how I’d like the forge to behave. )

If that’s not possible, at least give me a button to return all my stuff at once so I don’t have to individually grab the shard, and the glyph, and the item.

Also - awesome game. Love it and thanks for all you do!



I agree, it definitely felt awkward getting used to manually removing items and clearing glyph / rune selections before closing the forge.

+1 :slight_smile:

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Why would you do that?

What, and lose the free extra backpack slot? I think not!

Did not even need to read past the title. Please implement this feature.

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