When will we get the 1.1 patch exactly?

Any shot we will get it sometime today so we can dodge around in offline mode until servers pop back up tomorrow? Or will it be a last minute patch drop?

You can’t “dodge” in offline mode, online and offline get the patch at the same time.

We wont be able to evade or dodge in offline mode? Where did you get this info? And how do you know online and offline would get the patch at the same time?

The patch will drop at 6pm CEST for everybody.

If you downloaded and installed the patch you will be instantly be able to play offline mode and use the new evade feature


It should be noted that’s 6 PM CEST on Tuesday, July 9th. Not today.

Pointing that out because the internet has a habit, at best, of inferring things even with constant hand-holding.

Which year tho ?


That will depend on which calendar you use: Gregorian, Roman, any of the multiple religious ones, etc.

If you simply measure it from the start of the universe, it should be somewhere around year 13500000000 and 13900000000.
Hope that narrowed it down for you.

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i didnt wanna get a dodge. thats d4 crap right there.

take the influences from better games pls :3

might just have ruined it all. ill give it a shot and decide then :wink:

at least i got enigma on d2r so i can fall back to that if you ruined it all lol

There is always the option to simply not use it. :sunglasses:

Such an odd place to draw the line at, lol.

I think for most of United States and Canada the time converts to 12PM on July 9th, aka most people will play on Wednesday July 10th. So dont take your day off purely due to server loads that will likely crash the server [should people actually return, i am skeptical off]