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When will i get access to my kickstarters rewards

is it june that i will get access to oracle title and badges and the other stuff that comes with that

Hey I just asked this in Discord and Sarno responded with

“Hello. The people with titles already are folks who purchased through our website. KickStarter takes two weeks to process payments after a campaign has finished, and once they’ve done that we’ll organize getting KickStarter backers their rewards.”



I have moved this thread from Developer Blog to Customer Service.

I can confirm the response by Deltan00b is correct (thanks!).

Hi, it’s been a while since the Kickstarter campaign succeeded. I pledged Voidwalker tier and completed the questionaire via kickstarter which asked for forums account name and email address on june 6th. However, I didn’t receive my forums title yet. Still too early? Or did something go wrong? My name on Kickstarter is the same as here.


We apologise for our script apparently failing to apply your forum badge correctly.

Your posts should now be accompanied by the Voidwalker badge.

Thank you! =)

I have pledged Elder tier and filled the survey, but no badges show up on my profile, can’t find anything in the FAQ for that.

Edit: Woops, the badge shows up correctly on my posts, didn’t think it wouldn’t show up on the profile false alarm.

Testing to see if my profile has my tier badge.

Edit. My badge is there. Now to figure out how to see the necro release page!


We are extremely sorry about this!

Could you please try again now?

Hi, I don’t believe I received my kickstarter rewards on my account as well. I filled out the survey on kickstarter. I purchased the Traveler Pack, will I receive the cosmetic points at launch along with the game?

Sorry about that! We’ve fixed this for you now.

You will definitely have your Cosmetic Points by release.

Thank you! C:

You’re welcome! :slight_smile:

Hi, i pledged Elder hier and completed the survey via Kickstarter on june 6th. I didn’t reçoive anything. Is it normal ? Have a good day.

You have the Elder supporter badge, and the download links for the version of Patch 0.4.11 should be on your profile page. Is there something in particular you’re concerned about?

Hi! I pledged elder on kickstarter, just replied to the email today but I put my username as Seveb instead of Seven, could you still link the access to this account? Thanks!

Sorry for the late response!

We’ve investigated this and everything looks fine on our end.