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When using Apostasy, please still display Dodge Rating

Currently, taking Apostasy shows Dodge Rating 0 → Dodge Chance 0%. This makes it really hard to know how far away I am from having enough for 100% glancing blow without speccing out of Apostasy. Please show the amount of Dodge Rating I have, since it’s still actually there.

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Maybe there is a way for it to read out how gb it is giving or have a greyed out number there?

Elegant idea…

I would like to see this kind of thing for all conversions in the tooltips or character sheet - it would be a great way to know that you have an active conversion changing damage types or, in this case, defensive bonuses… Right now its pretty hard to see this without manually checking everything…

with the current iteration of the character sheet, it would only work for global conversions, not skill based. So it would be very limited in it’s usefulness. It would be more useful when the character sheet get updated to show skill specific modifiers.