When is the rogue character coming?

Wasnt it suposed to be the 0.7.7 patch? Thanks.

Nope. Rogue is phase 3, we are still in phase 2.

Edit #2: No, there’s no multiplayer yet, nor Warlock, no you can’t respec your mastery (which you get at the end of time), the max lvl is 100, max skill lvl is 20, yes you can respec passives (at the pink brain vendor at the end of time & in the Council Chambers) & (probably not finally), to get into the library, you need to go to the Ruined Era.


Oooh, I was convinced all this time that 0.7.7 would bring us to phase 3. Thanks.

Unfortunately no. Plus there’s no guarantee that the Rogue will be the first thing to be released as part of phase 3.

Thanks! I keep hearing something about the game being released in “april of 2020” - any idea what “released” refers to? Does that mean being finished with ALL the phases?

I’m pretty new to following this game - how long has it taken to get through phase 1 for example?

Release was pushed back but everyone who preordered a full release key will be able to play the beta starting from the old release date.

I’m not sure that the length of time LE spends in previous phases is necessarily a good forecast of how long it may take to get through the rest of the phases.

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