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When does the Primalist Berseker passive apply?

Hi there

I was wondering if the Primalist passive ‘Berseker’ (Less damage taken on low health + damage) applies its damage reduction for a portion of the damage below the low life treshold if a hit breaks through the 35% mark? So in other words, does it work like Endurance when it comes to damage mitigation?

No, it’s not like Endurance. The damage reduction is applied for all damage (hits & DoTs, versus life & ward) if your hp is below the 35% threshold when the damage is dealt.

Edit: Having thought about it, it is similar to Endurance. If your health isn’t below the threshold, you don’t get the buff, but I’m not sure whether if your hp was above the threshold and a hit took it below, would the damage reduction from Berserker be applied to the portion of the hit that was below or not. I’d probably assume not since that node was introduced some time before Endurance.

Before endurance there was another system that worked exactly like berserker to help ward of one shots especially early game. It was removed when endurance was implemented

Beserker passive works exactly the same endurance.
If you take a hit that reduced you below 35% health all damage below that point even from same hit will be reduced.

Thank you guys :slight_smile: