When do you like to do the different dungeons?

Temporal Sanctum has it’s obvious purpose: I have a unique with LP and something to mash it with.

What about Soulfire Bastostion and Lightless Arbor? Both seem to give fairly generic rewards. When do you spend your time doing those over just running more monoliths? I have a a hoard of keys in my stash. Please send help.

What I usually do in a character progression, if there is a rare aspirational unique for the build. I wait for the Soulfire Bastion Daily Door Modifier to be the item type of that Unique.

For example for my Harvest Lich, I burned like 20 or so Soulfire Bastion keys, when it was 4 additional axes.

Usually the gambler then hast at least 1 or 2 2H Axes in stock for a chance for Death’s Embrace.

On top of that I always try to bu out the stock from items that are hard to get as exalted items. Boots, Gloves, Belts.

Lightless Arbor I feel like is only worth it when you have like 3-4 million gold. But if yo uspend that much on it, you can get some good exalted loot explosion out of it.

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