When do they fix bugs that work against us?

I have a huge problem with my favorite build being bugged. Turret Wraiths can’t really work because of collision summoning issues. LE is pretty johny on the spot when it comes to nerfing bugs that help players… How about fixing a few that hurt us?

Bugs which result in better/worse build are making other builds less/more attractive. Fixing Wraith is probably not so trivial.

Its not the same really, your bug is a slight issue, just summon them further apart, its unlikely that you cant summon them all inside dreadshade, you just cant put them all ontop of each other.

The ballista/profane veil bug causes those builds to break game balance.

Builds underperforming sucks, but it wont hurt the wide scope of the game as bad as builds with break the core balance curve.

Their will be buffs eventually, but unfortunately, we first have to put out the fires that are extremely bonkers bugs.

You can look at the past few sets of patch notes to see what all bugs have been fixed. There were quite a few.

Thats not the only issue, the issue is with echos and army nodes, the ones that let you summon 6 wraiths at a time which you need if you are running turret wraiths, which is a fantastic build… when its not bugged.

Don’t know what’s buged about that. A friend of mine played the build and had 0 issues after the wraith fix. I don’t even understand what your problem is for real. maybe just open up a bug report or add to an existing bug report instead of lamenting in the general forums?