When can we expect the classes/masteries to be completed?

I have been reading the Developer Blog, and while I like the idea of a Marketplace, I like more the idea of actually having the promised 15 masteries first. The lack of finishing a main selling point on the front page of your website gives me bad feature creep vibes.

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I am not sure on the “Lack of a main selling point”.
This is a EA title and everything will be there for 1.0 at latest.

EHG did add and remove a couple of oringinally planned (or not planned) features, but overall the game slowly shapes up to be what it “promised”.

I also would have loved for at least some of them make it into the game earlier, but game development is not something you can predict and plan.
I am almsot certain the decision to move them back was largely due to MP taking more effort than planned.

I would personally prefered them to give us one of the in each of the subsequent patches after 0.9, but all 3 missing masteries are confirmed to come at 1.0 release.


Well, they haven’t ‘finished’ yet. It’s 0.9. Not 1.0. So, I’m not quite sure I understand the ‘creep vibe.’

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“Feature Creep Vibe”, not “Creep Vibe”

And forgive me, but are there a set number of remaining patches before 1.0 ?

I only ask, because mathematically there are technically the possibility of an infinite number of patches between .9 and 1

I’m not being critical, just what is the plan? As we have already had one Wolcen already inteh ARPG world, and I am truly hoping that Last Epoch won’t folow the same path as that one.

Nope, they can have as many as they want. But they have said that they’d like to have 1.0 this year.

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