When a volatile zombie explodes is it classed as an attack?

Just double-checking as I was wondering if dread shades lingering doom applies to volatile zombies


Volatiles Zombies are not using an “attack” their self-explode is a Spell.

Nontheless this is affected by Dread Shade’s Lingering Doom, because it affects attacks and spells.

You can check things like that using the Minion Tags on their tooltip.

Ah, I see it says spell AND attack thanks for clarifying

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As you can see, the default tags for Zombies don’t include “attack”. When the Zombie gets within range of a target, it casts the Suicide Explosion spell which reduces it’s hp to zero killing it. It then has an on death proc which is the actual explosion.

The vomit is also not an attack.

Leap isn’t an attack either.

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