When a player dies, their minions are now unsummoned

This was a part of 1.0 patch

Why? If you wanted to deal with the abuse to kill bosses with minions after dying, you should make them deal no damage, like POE does. Right now it’s a huge annoyance to resummon minion army every time you die. I play abomination build and resummoning it takes 30 seconds. I don’t want to push corruption because of that, because dying now makes me want to ragequit.


Then dont die. Problem solved


What an idiotic stance…

Making them all die is obviously easier to implement and less prone to abuse.
Given that, then they could make it so that summoning minions in a safe area would cost no mana.

There are (niche) situations where the amount of mana spent is relevant for the minion stats, so that’s not an option.

It’s not a problem: simply immediately refund all the mana spent so the calculations remain the same and the summoning can be sped up.

It is a problem, though. Due to the way the system works, mana refunds aren’t an option. Which is why you don’t get mana back when you try to summon in a place where they can’t be summoned. I had that discussion once with Mike and it’s not that easy.

If not a mana refund they could just increase mana regen by 100x and it would be the same.

It is not a blocking issue but it’s kind of annoying for minion builds.

Then again it would not solve the problem in online play because you can’t cast anything in safe areas…

You can in the monolith “waiting room” though.

I did not know that.
I tried online play and immediately went back to offline when I couldn’t use movement skills in the hubs :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, that’s annoying. But it’s a performance issue, like so many unpopular choices they had to make.

I have enough mana for resummoning, the problem is that it takes a lot of time. I will need infinite cast speed to compensate.

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