What's your highest average crit on dummy with a skill?

i know im not trying to get the best dps in the game else i wouldn’t be playing FG my goal is to get a build that does enough to do all content in the game while being tough enough to withstand high arena waves so ill be playing around until i find a good balance… i like finding underdog builds and trying to make them work somehow … might happen , might not … but ill keep trying until im sure i went around trying everything :stuck_out_tongue:

basicaly my fun is trying to find that one combo everyone overlooked xD

then again forge strike might not be a possible top arena / mono runner but i won’t know that for sure until ive tried every possible setup/stats/skills etc. im just getting an idea of how much people do to figure out (since i dont like to play mainstream builds) how much is good damage and see if i can somehow find a way to push it until it performs on par with those best build like rive

i tend to watch softcore ladders and if i see some spec isnt up there (Forge guard, shaman etc) then ill want to try to make a build see if i can figure out the secrets to making em strong enough to compete :stuck_out_tongue:

I had a bleed tick for over 212K on the test dummy with my level 100 Warpath Paladin this evening.

That was with 4 sigils, holy aura cast and volatile reversal.

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