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Whats your highest arena wave?

236 necro

149 void knight


How do you get to arena?

Are you playing the old pre-alpha demos? There should be a waypoint for the Arena you can teleport to if you played through all of the other zones (ends after Temple of Eterra).

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Mjeeh. Got to the arena, went for 2 rounds, then got bored of that. I guess i’ll come back when there’s more content to play.

Ah ok, I haven’t played through all the zones. Just past Sheltered Wood atm

Also-- are there different versions? I have whatever the Alpha access pledge package had

Strange. Are you playing on the same account as the one you’re posting from?

Sorry, that post was from a few days ago, not sure why it just went through. I was able to make it all the way through the Forsaken Trail, etc and ended up in the Arena! I have a waypoint there now as well.

Thank you for the tips!

My question around the different versions was for a friend, they didn’t have the same 4 classes I have. Maybe they are using one of those pre-alpha demos you were speaking of?

Ah, okay - I found your other account. It’s totally up to you which account you choose to post from, but please understand that the forum badge can only be issued to a single account.

If your friend doesn’t have access to the Acolyte, Knight, Mage, and Primalist then it does sound like they may be using an old pre-alpha demo. The quickest way to establish whether this is the case would be to ask them which version number is displayed in the bottom-right corner.

Oh, I thought I had a single account. Let me try to login with that one.

Gotcha, I will let them know!

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