What's this? 🤔

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LE’s version of Kaom’s Heart? :rofl:

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Probably a new skill icon, maybe an aura… something like “inflame”, " Rahyeh’s Frenzy", “Fire shield”.
What i find interesting is that this character has a Zweihänder he is holding in a stab grip.
For those who don’t know, the Zweihänder usually only attacked once with a swing and was powerful enough to cut through full plate armour decapitating a person, after that they used it as a stab weapon, that’s why it isn’t sharp between the handle and the actual blade.
So Maybe it is some kind of stance :thinking:
I hope we will see in the next Patch :smiley:

Edit1: I know! its a Memory!
Edit2: Its Forge Guard (jpg)

Im gunna go with something crafting related.
Or maybe a new unique or set!

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You are right! it could be a two piece set of a armor and a Zweihänder!
edit: a three piece set, it has gauntlets :smiley:

Although, it has quite different art to the other sets we know of, where we see each item separately and without the background style. Seems more icon-esque. Only time will tell!!

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