What's this style of houses found in majelka areas?

What’s this style of house architectures in the majelka areas?

Screenshot from the monolith echo Desert Canyons

Reminds me of a medieval country house…? Was thinking of the those old fashioned wooden framed homes with white exterior plaster with exposed beams…

Maybe with a bit of artistic license to fit in a desert environment and be a little more run down? perhaps even stealing a little from an old western town wooden vibe…

Would be a kewl thing for the artists at EHG to put together something about the maps and influences like they do with the character & item designs… but obviously AFTER they have finished with the game… :wink:

That would be “Tudor” (or mock Tudor if it was built in that style in the past couple of hundred years).

Edit: Though it would never have a wooden roof, that’d leak something chronic.

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Would it?

Having seen what happened to my shed roof when the felt gave way, yes, yes it really wood.

Was the pun intended? Yew’ll never know…

I thought of medieval german houses with white walls and wooden frames, but with dark wood planks as roofing. I googled something like that and ended on a swiss house style that looks like it except without the wood plank roofs. I just liked the mix of the german style white walls with wooden frames wiht the wood plank roofing as it gives a very worn down look to it that would fit majelka’s slums. I was just curious if it was a real house architecture style.

:wink: similar thoughts… but I was pretty sure the designers just took whatever models they had/could get and did a mishmash kinda thing rather than chose one style… as I said, I’d be really interested in a design blog post or two when they have spare time (just not now…)… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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