What's the sanest way to find where a unique drops?

Title, basically. I thought I tried looking for the belt that lets you stay in Spriggan form on a database site and it wasn’t listed. This is kind of starting to hit my pet peeve with D2 where it was hard to know where to get what gear in game (certain set pieces had built in ilvls, not all monsters were at those, etc) it was confusing and annoying. Some people seemed to be able to figure it out.

All this can/can’t gamble, only drops from X boss in MOF is like wow.

tunklab’s database seems fairly consistent and usually up to date… this is the belt you asked about. it’s an unrestricted (i.e. not from a boss) drop with a level 50 requirement, which probably means it can only drop in areas at or above that level. there may be some leniency in the area level, i’m not sure. i’ve certainly found items that were above my current level in the past, but i don’t typically hunt for items so i haven’t noted the cases where that happened.

i’ve found 2 of those belts and i think the item was added fairly recently, so they’re not crazy rare, but it’s just RNG. it’s the only unique bronze belt so you could gamble for it. there are only a handful of items in the game that are boss-only drops, everything else can drop from any appropriate level area. the items that can’t be gambled are either boss-drops or on bases that no longer exist in the game, like exsanguinous.

i don’t think it’s as complicated as you’re making it out to be, but regardless, tunklabs is a useful resource to clear up any confusion you have.

Beer helps

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How did you know it wasn’t a boss drop from the DB? Or is that your experience?

Honestly, I feel like systems that have intricacies that aren’t documented in-game are poor design in general. It would help if there was an in-game DB for seeing them and explaining their source.

i knew it wasn’t a boss drop because i found the ones i have from random sources. i generally don’t make a fuss about knowing where things come from, nor do i plan builds that rely on specific uniques unless i already have them. it’s just how i prefer to play… i try out lots of different builds and try to make them work with what i have at hand. and if i find a unique that’s useful for my current build, i use it, or if it’s one that fits a different build, i make a character that can use it.

as a long-time PoE player my concept of uniques may be different if you’re used to a system like D3 where the BiS for every item is a legendary. in LE, as in PoE, a lot of uniques are just useful for leveling (or barely useful at all), with a few that are more useful in the long term and a very select number that are actual BiS items for specific builds. with that in mind, i don’t worry too much about obtaining certain uniques, and i get a little thrill when i find something cool that i didn’t know about or i happen to know is a rare drop (exsanguinous, plaguebearer’s staff, etc). after 300 hours in the game i still don’t have a boneclamour barbute, which is a staple helm for a lot of builds because it’s generally very good. any time i look at a guide that suggests it, i just plan to use something else.

i don’t think the system is very intricate… it’s a little unintuitive for newer players that some uniques are on bases that can’t be gambled, i’ll grant you that. i think putting a database in the game that tells you where things drop is a bad idea. i like the sense of discovery of just finding things out for myself, and the sense of community of talking about things in chat or on the forum to share our discoveries. having things like a build planner and accurate DPS sheets in the game is great, and i’d love to see LE incorporate those to minimize reliance on 3rd party tools, but a database like you’re describing seems like it’s much better left to outside sources.

Hey… I use Last Epoch Item Database to see where uniques are from…

The rarity tier is listed at the botton of the unique and if its a specific drop from a mob
e.g. look at this one… Dark Shroud of Cinders

Its not complete but is usually kept up to date based on the latest patch (its the same guy who did the Grim Dawn tools website).
https://lastepoch.tunklab.com/ is also good but for other things (and a gear planner)

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'cause it says it’s “very rare” rather than “dropped from” (which means it’s from a specific boss).

Well IMHO thats not very intuitive

it is… after a few Beers…

The beer was to help pass the time while you grind the bosses. Not making you more intuitive lol

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Draalsting? Gamble it with a lvl 18+ character. For the most part there are no ways to target farm uniques, except for the monolith boss uniques (& Orichian’s Petals).

I think having some target-farmable gear in the game is a good thing. I really liked Grim Dawn’s monster infrequents, for example. But I also think that they should mainly be intermittent solutions rather than best in slot. I don’t really have enough endgame experience to have a solid feel for what the gear looks like at the very top. But I sort of feel like some of the target-farmable gear you can get right now is way too strong for how easy they are to get. Not going to give up the 100% crit avoidance on Woven Flesh anytime soon.

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