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What's the highest DPS mage build in 0.8?

So I’ve played dozens of builds on most char classes but I’ve only ever played 2 mage builds, namely Ele Nova Sorc and Flame Reave/brand Spellblade.

To be honest, I was not impressed by either build. The DPS was quite low (compared to pre nerf bone curse lich or more recently poison Bladedancer).

90% Sorc builds are EleNova + 1 single target spell with very similar set ups.

I’m dying to play something with Mage which has top tier DPS and clear speed, ridiculous single target that can burn through lvl 100 Lagon in <10 secs.

Any recommendations? Bonus points for something based around Ignite, Spreading Flames or some other interesting mechanic.

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I definitely know what you could try, if you want to go maximum dps.

But since this is a channeled build that needs some ramp up, i would assume it’s not very great in arena, but in MoF it definitely destroys.

I haven’t pushed it very far, because it became plain boring at some point, but i think @boardman21 did a fully fleshed out build with this interaction.

I am talking about

And here is Boardman’s Build

Disintegrate Build 350k+ Damage

I wonder if that Disintegrate build by Boardman is still viable? Or nerfed to oblivion.

They havn’t adjusted this interaction to this day, which i cannot understand because this is obviously not working as intended :smiley:

Even with this amulet “only” giving flat +100% base crit added at the end of the crit calculation this build would still be viable, but just not broken.

But until then, enjoy the build xD

Yeah, Boardman’s build still works fine…

This Disintegrate build looks awesome, exactly something like what I wanted to play.

Thanks a lot!!

Hey, so I was leveling the char and just finished campaign heading into Monos.

@Boardman21 in his build guide gets a crap ton of % Armour and flat Armour on all his gear. Is there something special about the build why he stacks armour? Seems a bit strange, since almost every caster build I’ve seen uses Dodge & decently high HP?

No idea. Maybe outdated build practices. I was actually thinking of trying to spec his build into a low-life version with Exsanguinius and Last Steps. I wonder how that will turn out. Replace all armor affixes with more health.

Armour is good for mitigating hits, it can mitigate up to 65% of hit damage before it comes off your ward/hp.

I was wondering if something like that could work for low-life Disintegrate build. No resistances because where we are going we dont need any

To use Gambler’s Fallacy in conjunction with Disintegrate, you definitely want the Ignivar’s Head Off-Hand Catalyst Unique.

Also i think a crafted belt with hybrid health and % health mod will be more ward than the ward generated from the Strands of Souls, since Disintegrate actually does not cost THAT much mana.

Oh right I forgot Ignivar’s Head oops… Good point on the Belt too. Here’s the fixed version

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Challenge accepted XD

Yo, that’s a sick build. I have played a bunch of your other chars i.e pre nerf Marrow Shards Bone Curse, Shadow Cascade Sync Strike etc…

My only hesitation with that build is it seems really really really squishy. How does it do with 50-60 stacked echo mods?

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thanks mate :slight_smile:

yeah its a glascannon build. was able to get up to 50 but then it starts getting harder as i only play with dodge. i havent pushed to be honest might do that this weekend. i jsut have to kill everything before it gets a chance to hit me XD

Do you think it would be possible to do a cold volcanic orb version relying on freezes to safely clear rippy maps? Or a lowlife version with max ward?

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Yes it is possible. My mate Zero created it with cold damage. Im still missing the second ring ( )
as soon as i drop the ring i’ll create a guide around.
He was able to push easy 100+ echoes.
He has a guide but it is in german. tunklab link and everything is on there.
if you want to take a look and check it out. Really funny freezing all bosses :slight_smile:

i have tried a lowlife version was not really happy with it. i might give it another shot, maybe with stacking resistances

Thanks, I’m going to roll with this after I finish the Disintegrate char, it is so broken!!

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