"What's The Atomic Weight of Beryllium?!"

So … who wants to guess which word in that sentence is the one that triggers the censor? Did you guess “beryllium”? Because that’s the one!



Oh, so that wasn’t an actual question (9.012182 u BTW)?

You could make people go cray cray if ou ask “how many pounds are that again?”.

Stop being such a beryllium

To make it more confusing, I had misspelled it as “berrylium” and the actual spelling isn’t blocked. Neither is “berry,” or “lium,” but “berrylium” is!

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Maybe it’s offended by your misspelling?

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Only thing I can find is on Urban Dictionary: beryllium

Way down the bottom is a reference to a pie made with illegal drugs.

Still doesnt explain why the hell it would be offensive to anyone to be used as a plain word.

I must admit tho, whatever exclusion word list EHG is/has been using - its seriously weird.


I think chat filters like this work with a “word bank” that the devs buy from a 3rd party company and implement, since typing out every slurs every variation you can think of would take ages and you could possibly miss some words, so if that word bank contained the word beryllium for some reason it will get censored. If the chat filter is broken its likely the word bank’s fault that they used

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Thank you for the information. I will now never use the B-word in this forum.

Still waiting for somone to pop up calling @ExcretusMaximus a monster or whatever for using this word and how he dares to use it in public :smiley: . Sadly I missed to opportunity to make this joke :frowning: .

The question should be : how did you discover it ? How and why were you talking about Berrylium in LE chat ? :open_mouth:

Maybe they talked about jewels? Afaik (without googeling) isn’t beryllium kind of emerald looking?

For like, 3 decades, my go to question when anyone says “ask me anything” has been “What’s the atomic weight of beryllium?!”

Someone said it, so…

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No, it’s an element.

Were the words penetration and beryllium used in the same sentence?