What would you upgrade my gloves with?

I’m lvl 73 and trying to make this have 5 affixes and put it on a legendary. I should be able to export a txt of my items from the game, or at least copy and paste. I will upload the s/s next.

I don’t know how anyone could possibly give you any advice when it has almost none of the information they would need to base a good decision on. You gotta include way more detail mate.

A sealed (5th affix) would not do anything for legendary crafting.

If this is a hint at editing your game files, this is against the ToS and you should immediately stop it, even worse promoting it

No, i think he wants to upload the details of his character to somewhere like the build planner.

What? Yea like Llama8 said, I want to highlight all the words on my item and copy+paste it.

For me, ARPGS revolves around the items. People will come up with ways to share their items all over the place. A gaming and social media revolution is about to happen. People will have their own websites instead of using FB/Twitter stuff. They call it decentralized social media. Being able to quickly export the stats on your gear will be a good feature for what’s happening.

There’s going to be more intolerability than ever. As I said, an ‘export’ could allow for some plugin to generate the item on their website ETC. You have to have the imagination to understand why exporting stats (ideally even the ‘alt’ information [ranges/potential]) would be helpful for the game.

Didn’t we have that back in the 90s?

It’s a nice idea, though I believe EHG are working on an api that would allow access to some of the data for things like the build planner. Until that happens though, you can either manually enter your build into the build planner or upload pics of the items (please crop them) to somewhere like imgur.com & link them.

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