What will happen to characters on release 1.0?

If I understand correctly, there will be no general character wipe. I haven’t followed news of leagues and such, but I’m guessing that this means that upon 1.0 release, all existing characters will go to some kind of “Standard” status (as in PoE), and new characters can be created in Standard or in some kind of new league? Can anyone clarify? Thanks.

After 1.0 I’m pretty sure I read something to that effect, where the season/cycle characters then get dumped into standard/legacy/whatever the name.

Not entirely sure on what will happen to pre-1.0 characters, though, but I’d expect them to stick around. I don’t really see a valid reason not to. You might argue that it would put us all in the same level once new players get in, but then again we should be rewarded for the early support. Not to mention that the standard realm or whatever will likely always be secondary to cycles.

When a cycle transitions, all existing characters join the Legacy characters. Because we only have 1 group of characters at the moment, you can think of the current ones as already Legacy characters.

TLDR: it’s PoE style.

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