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What will be the price on Steam?

In dolars.

Here’s our prices;

  • Prepurchasing the finished game costs $10.
  • Also getting beta access increases this to $35.

At release the game will be available for $15.

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Thanks, mate. I’m eager to buy the game as soon as the Beta is realeased. Maybe you could make this option in Steam; letting we buy the Beta early since for some regions it is better to buy from Steam than from the supporter pack. (currency conversion and that kind of stuff)

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$15 is really cheap for a full game. I assume there will be microtranscactions to fund continued development of the game.

There will indeed be MTX to support the game’s development post-launch, including new zones, new enemies, new features, new mechanics, and so on - we plan to be working on Last Epoch for years to come. These MTX will only ever be purely cosmetic in nature.


Why beta access price is more expansive than prepurchasing final game.

$35 included also cosmetic points or ohter stuff ?

I really wann playbeta on 30th april, i’m just not sure waiting steam release or buy ancient gladiator right now. What is the better ?


There is no “better”. Regarding Beta Access it is the same. It depends on you, if you would like a turtle pet you should buy the Ancient Gladiator (=Alpha) Pack.

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All packs should have their equivalent of price as cosmetic points @Tipunch

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