What type of damage does Ward NOT protect against?

Just a quick question… (playing Spellblade).

What type of damage does Ward NOT protect against?

Am noticing a few times where my Ward is 400 or so, but I get hit by something that leaves my ward the same, but hits my HP (700) for more than half in a single shot. I am trying to “see” what it is that is damaging me but its hard with everything going on…


Iirc it’s bleed but then again better press “g” ingame and read the ingame guide about ward. better save then sorry.

Hey… thanks for the info… Not able to play right now to check in-game guide but I will.

i just checked in game by using the unique amulet bleeding heart to inflict a bleed on myself while i had ward, and the bleed does not bypass it.

also the game guide makes it sound like there’s nothing that bypasses ward. it says “damage is dealt to ward before health” and nothing else.

i’ve had similar moments on my spellblade where i get chunked for a significant portion of my health while it seems like i still have ward protecting my life. since the character has a big focus on ward-gain-on-hit mechanics, the only thing i can figure is that i took a big enough hit (or series of hits) to strip my ward and take a big chunk of my health and then gained back a bunch of ward because i’m hitting very quickly.

i also had my only death on the monolith with this character so far when i got hit by one of rahyeh’s pie slices, and when the death screen came up it looked like i had 0 health and a few hundred ward. i don’t have enough passive ward generation for that to have happened after i died, so it’s possible that there’s something broken behind the scenes with the calculations, or maybe there’s another explanation.

Hey… Thanks for testing the bleed idea… Saves me doing it… :wink:

Your description sounds virtually identical to my experience. Its hard to “watch” things happening and know exactly what is happening when and in what order but your guess could be right. Take hit(s), lose ward, lose hp, gain ward instantly - making it look like something bypassed ward when it did not… suppose the only way to test that is to have a crap-ton of ward that would be impossible to drain in a hit or two and see if hp drops… not sure how to test that tho…

So far I am deathless on my spellblade (lvl 68) and hoping to see how far I can push it before the inevitable death… unclear mechanics like this tend to add a little stress to the challenge… :wink:

The final timeline 100 boss red mist ground effect bypassed my ward, not sure if that intended or a bug though. Seems to happen randomly at times in game, but ever since the defense change I don’t generate ward on block like I used too.

This is how it feels to me how ward is working.

In town, with ward/sec and ward retention, my ward is at 800.

I just got bled to death on wave 226 due to bad positioning and my health went down three times - with potion top ups - while I still had a good chunk of ward - I died with around 500 showing.

I think you might be right in that it could just be a visual bug, rather than hits bypassing ward. If it is, then it needs fixing because you feel you are safe when the globe is blue and suddenly you’re not!

I have, however, been insta-killed by multiple arrows where my health went to zero and I had 1200+ ward still showing.

The arrows and bleed are both physical and I rarely die to any other damage type, so it might be linked to that. Keep an eye on the type of damage that kills you to see it’s that.

In 0.7.9 we had insta-kill rares which bypassed ward and have thankfully changed in 0.7.10 but the trash mobs hit much harder now and I think the damage is stacking so quickly that ward can’t react properly - either it’s a visual bug or it’s a game mechanic that needs refining.

heres hoping the devs notice this post and can check it… :wink:

for now I am gonna throw a few points into HP just to be on the safe side…

I just died to Lagon with 500 ward left over due to what looked like a DoT that was draining my health but not my ward. Not sure if I was just being stupid in the moment or if it’s similar to what’s being described above.

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