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What to chose between Daggers vs Swords for Dual-wield


I’m super new to the game. Started playing Rogue. Now I’m somewhere around lvl18. Tried to work my way trough building my character. As I started dying, I started looking for builds. And I think I need some input or pointers. where to go from now.

I see that most builds that are dual wield are using swords. I somewhat thought that daggers would be better, as they are quicker and they are able to trigger on-hit effects quicker than swords. Besides most of the damage anyway’ s comes from skills/spells. So I figured I’ll just focus on Attack Speed. But I can’t find much people who are doing the same. Why is everyones go to dual-wield weapon a sword?

Also. When talking about early gearing. Do you usually just buy the items off of a merchant or rely on drops? Or is crafting a must do in this game?


Of course it depends on the build that you are playing so i cant exactly tell you which item is BiS for a certain build. But endgame swords do usually have a higher base attack rate with up to 1.2. The highest dagger is the Sai with 1.18. The strong +x% crit chance on dagger implicit can be avoided if you go for critical vulnerability on the passives to perma crit enemies anyway with high attackspeed. The katana sword has a really strong crit multiplier implicit up to 75%. The crystal sword has a additional 20% melee elemental attack speed for skills like cinder strike which makes it even more faster compated to daggers.
Which build are you trying to follow or create by yourself?

I usually rely on drops in early game, later when better base items with good implicits drop its all about crafting to make your best weapon for the build that you are playing. Its really hard to find a perfect rare weapon with all the right 3 or 4 affixes that you need. So going for a blue items which already has 1 or 2 affixes you are looking for are the best items to craft.

I would always, check the vendor, sometimes it has some treasures in there.

But other than that relying on drops usually is sufficient
If RNG really screws you and you feel like you haven’t found a base type for your level range I. A long while going to the gambler and getting some desired base types is also a good strategy.

I would not spend all my money on the gambler to get a good one with affixes, just gamble until you get any desired base type with a decent implicit and craft with it.

You can use Runes Of Cleansing on it to remove all modifiers.

Crafting is definitely not necessary, but because how easy and accessible crafting is you should definitely try using it.

The reason is simple - glancing blow.(defence)

One of the bladedancer passive nodes gives benefits based on what you are wielding in main hand/off hand, 2 swords gives glancing blow

For dps people usually go dual daggers as they have that bonus to base crit chance on the item itself. Or dagger + sword because the passive node gives crit chance if that is your weapon combo.

You seem to plan to be Bladedancer. In the passives, see “Weapons of choice”, it will also give you an idea of the possibilities.