What the hell Steam?

Down again and no not me, I have 2 x LE accounts and 2 PCs and internet/hardware good, Steam is blah. What the hell are they doing over there?

Can feel ya, but i think steam is still one of the better platforms in terms of overall availablility and stability.

It can feel really annoying when steam has issues, especially alot of people do need to rely on steam to actual play alot of their games.

Being one of the biggest, if not the biggest platform is it’s kind doesn’t automatically makes you invulnerable to issues and sometimes even makes it worse with outside sources trying to hinder you(any kinds off DDoS or other denial)

EDIT: Also while at the moment you can’t do much about it, don’t forget LE will have an offline mode, which is very rare these days, so hopefully in the future such issues won’t reduce your gaming experience.

seeing them down too

It would be tolerable if it was a rarity them being down but now it’s like a regular thing. They really need a pre-production offline version of their platform to try all this stuff out instead of live implementing in the background or, maybe they have that already but just really really suck at it lol.

I do use steam ALOT, basically almost 100% of the time i am on my computer and i do have to say that i do not have regular issues. There might be issues every 1 or 2 weeks for several minutes. And sometimes specific games that use steam for mp have specific issues.

But for me personally the general availability is very good.

As i mentioned in my first post, i think it sometimes just feels very bad because you use steam all the time without thinking about it and having no issues and then all of the sudden when they have some issues, things can get a bit frustrating.

Just think about how often you use steam without issues, for me that outweights the issues by a loooong shot.

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