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What shards should I focus on for my Lich build

Main plan is to use Wandering Spirits with their ranged Poison attack, while spamming Blood Rip (poison version) to keep myself alive. What shards should I be putting on my gear? Thanks!

I don’t know the entire build, but from your initial description wouldn’t Lich be the better mastery choice as it offers plenty of additional poison related passives?

And leech.

Ooops, yup that was a typo.

start gambling for a plague bearer staff with decent rolls.
Wandering spirits are the only (semi) pet in game that has scaling based entirely on your character (and not scaling minion stats).
This includes chance to poison etc.
This makes it so Plague Bearer’s staff +(100-220)% Chance to Poison on Hit becomes really really strong with wandering spirits (as lots of spirits attack).

The build has been nerfed a fair amount (wandering spirits + death seal)
but it’s still a fun and viable build.

Gear wise, all you need is the weapon and defenses on your other gear pieces (glancing blow immune, health and dodge)
Idols… several options (like increased dmge while transformed - using reaper form)
or just HP idols or poison chance idols.

Pre-nerfs build video

That’ll be because it’s not a minion anymore, they removed the minion tag from the skill some patches ago making it a “proper” spell.

Yeah i know, which made it pretty darn strong XD
as it’s alot easyer to to gear your own char instead of minions (and … your character is actually usefull aswell).
it’s fairly normal for it not to be a real minion as it has no HP bar, so it’s not really a minion.

Yeah, it’s just a pity it doesn’t proc the “increased damage if you’ve used a minion skill recently” passive.

I have yet to see a Unique come from gambling. So it can actually happen?? I’m level 55 and it’s never happened.

Usually it costs me ~200k gold per unique (plague staff) whuke gambling (this includes rerolling the gambler and buying the staves that i want).

Sometimes it’s less, sometimes more.
Some people say you have a higher chance to get uniques on higher lvl characters (not sure about this).

Ah. Don’t think I’ve ever owned more than 40k gold. :stuck_out_tongue:

Monolight and arena are good gold sources :wink:
Especially with this Lich build :slight_smile:

I’m still wondering what shards to use? Poison on Hit? Poison damage? Spell Damage? Defence?

Personally i’d go with defence (Glancing Blow (100%), Dodge (~70%) and Health (~1000+)

Once you have a Plague Bearer Staff with good on hit poison roll (+(100-220)% Chance to Poison on Hit), you should mostly be fine.
Also Vipertail belt +(50-70)% Chance to Poison on Hit (and a nice bonus +% dodge rating).

But if you really want, Acolyte has access to:
Body and helm: Poison Damage And Poison Protection Tier 5
(37-50)% poison damage
(204-270) poison protection

Weapons and jewelry can get + poison damage (and/or) poison chance.
(though i’d just go for it on jewelry as weapon slot is taken by plague staff)

*Ornate Idols can drop with prefix 70% increased damage while transformed and suffix +45% poison damage.

These should boost your damage alot and opens up your other gear slots for defence.
As long as you have enough defence, you will take the mobs down (eventually).
So first you should make sure you don’t die easely, after that you upgrade your damage

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