What’s your first character for multiplayer?

Just a fun question? What char are you going with first when multiplayer comes…

Myself. I going to run a spell blade first.

Also, do you think the missing masteries will come before multiplayer?

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I hope all masteries will be added then and if so I’ll test those masteries before I decide. If they won’t come I’ll start as Rogue probably and go down the Bladedancer path.
I personally don’t think that they will add all missing masteries before multiplayer but we will see I guess.

That’s definitely the plan for release. If I’d have to guess I’d say multiplayer, masteries, story and skills is prio 1 for being completely implemented till release.

I really like the Necro. But Sentinel is my true passion currently. I’ll certainly start with a Void Knight.

But let’s see what the missing masteries and the tweaking of other classes will bring.

Doesn’t mean all masteries will be done by mp though…

Probably a Sentinel, either something tanky (for farming) or a VK caster (because purple balls). Or maybe a Rogue 'cause she is very fast.

I’ll probably go Pally or Beastmaster.

Obviously things will change between now and then, but if multiplayer came out in its current state my first char would be the “regifter” paladin due to its ability to run (at current streak of 413) echoes in a row it will lead to so many uniques and items found very early on.

Its also a good party buffer as well with Sigils and holy aura and as a tank im sure people will all want one in there online party making it easy to find parties if that ends up being an enjoyable part of the game.

Yeah, that’s kinda what I was thinking of for a tanky Sentinel.

probably something i didnt play yet and also depending on my friends choices

Paladin. A holy warrior/crusader/inquisitor type is always my first character in an aRPG or RPG. I like melee. I like in-your-face purge-the-heresy type characters. It never matters to me what the meta is. Evil. Shall. Be. Purged.

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Suffer not the Heretic to live.

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I haven’t decided yet. Probably something tanky, to get to endgame without any strong problem. I’ll do some more fragile heroes after.

For me it will be 100% Melee Lich

Long time WFRP gamemaster here. I see a fellow light bringer who carries the torch even unto the 40th century. :smiley:

Not quite, that requires having friends (who also like WH 40k)…

Sacrifice lich with good old death seal

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For now I’d either go for a void knight (smite + orbs) or a paladin (rive).

I’m still trying to decide between creating a tried-and-true build, which would be a fire/hp leech rive/warpath/shield throw/charge paladin or something new, like a bow build or a mage (runemaster, when it’s implemented).

Been running a frozen orb sorc for the last week and its easily my favorite build so far, so probably that.

This time I will try myself as a Rogue and follow the path of the Blade Dancer.
I haven’t played this character yet, so I think it might be a good choice. I believe that each character is a different way of completing the game (to some extent) so I don’t repeat my characters

Marksman. And @Llama8 will be my tank :kissing_heart: