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What reason got you to buy Last Epoch?! What's Your Favorite thing about Last Epoch?

Im a PoE player and i discoverd that Karv is doing QA for this game so i got the game

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I got it actually after watching a sponsored stream from ZiggyD, just around Early Access Launch. The game ran so bad I didn’t play it for a few months, but after that got really into it.

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One of my favorite reasons, the skills trees are very addicting to mix and match and respec.

I heard about the game in 2018 or something and was going to buy it regardless because its an aRPG and I play basically any aRPG however I only use controllers now and Wolcen didnt have it so I didnt buy

in 2019 I heard LE was able to be bought so I bought it almost immediately, I think I started in patch 0.7.2B or something. Ive played this game since you could roll Attack Speed on Wands…and the amazing Fire Shield bleeding auto fireball bug which I still recall heh

Ive played for about 2k hours and paid $35 or something so the games price per hours is 0.0175. Performance was fkn awful when I got this game I didnt get above 25FPS but the only reason I even post here as I care about the game

my playtime has dropped dramatically because my issue I bought in way too early. I remember buying Grim Dawn when the level cap was 25 (100) and it was fairly torturous to wait for release there was very little content.

I used to post on GD forum in open beta but the games issues were shared with many players (OA/DA formulas)

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I bought LE because of its controller support. I received a severe hand injury on the job several years ago, and since then I haven’t been able game with a mouse and keyboard for more than a few minutes at a time.

My favorite aspect of LE is definitely the theorycrafting. I enjoy coming up with a central character gimmick and then making a janky build around it. My goal is not to clear the highest tier content or push corruption, so I’m pretty happy to reach level ninety-something with each experiment and then try a new character. I’m really glad that even oddball builds can see all the main content, even if they can’t clear it as easily as optimized builds.


The top reason I bought it was the passive trees. I hate games with too much active items, skills and etc. (Dota 2 PTSD).
My favorite thing is the controller support. Diablo 3 was destroying my hands and mouse buttons too often.

I watched it on steam for a while, and I liked how most of the reviews categorized it as more complex than d3, but more coherent than POE. I actually liked 95% of the aspects of POE, but the lack of a combat log or a way to discover what killed you infuriates me.

My favorite thing about the game design is that I can change the element of (most of) my skills without having to depend on gear. I really like the concept of skill specialization in this game vs runes in d3 or how POE’s passive system.

I also like how the devs are as transparent as they can be, and how the patch cycles, dev diaries, and announcements are all on a very regular basis.

I am starting to feel a bit bored though. Not sure exactly why.

I uh, was disappointed at PoE during Ultimatum league. Stopped touching PoE for a full year because of that. Watched Zizaran’s video a few days prior about this game and Pagan Online and I decided to pick Last Epoch instead. (I refunded Wolcen a few months before THE turning point, so it was never be an option anyway).